A big "thank you" to you Ingrid - you have made a big difference to [her] year! She was very positive after the French exam and ended on a high. JC Dec 2020


Thank you for your work with C - it has been an invaluable help for him! He won the Award for Academic Excellence! You have made such a difference and have been such a great help!!! PMcG Dec 2020


I really benefited from my weekly tutoring sessions with Ingrid throughout Year 12. I gained a lot of confidence in my French skills throughout the year, and Ingrid's tips helped me to enhance and fine-tune my oral and written exam techniques. I am very grateful for her help! JS, 2020 (VCE 2018 raw score 40)


Before going to a french tutor, the oral and written components of my French were poor and undoubtedly needed help. Upon searching the web for French tutors, I came across French Tutoring with Ingrid. She has helped me a lot since I started taking classes with her. With every lesson, I can't help but be amazed at the crucial French knowledge I have taken in. RW, 2020


Hi Ingrid, we got our results today. Just wanted to let you know that I got 7/ 7 for French and a 99.4 ATAR thanks to your help. Thank you for everything you did for me this year from  French grammar to helping me calm down and focus which I found extremely important. I will gladly recommend you to any IB students in the future." JF, International Baccalaureate, 2018


"Dear Ingrid, you have been such a fantastic tutor during my time in VCE and I can't thank you enough for how much you've helped me progress. Merci, merci, merci!" Olivia, 2018


"Thank you Ingrid for a wonderful experience expanding my knowledge of French. She provides a warm and supportive learning environment while also pushing me to improve constantly and achieve great academic scores (I finished with a raw 45 study score). She shares many learning resources, knows the VCE course thoroughly, and offers useful feedback." MP 2015


"I feel I have improved so much over the year. I have really enjoyed coming to your French classes, they have always been enjoyable and helpful. You are a truly gifted and wonderful tutor and person who welcomed me into your home and taught me so well." SH 2015


"I received a scaled score of 40, so I'm happy about that as the exam was quite hard this year. Thank you so much! I was really struggling at the start of this year and to receive such a great score is amazing!" G.N. VCE 2014


“Thank you so much for all your guidance and assistance this year. You have taught me so much and I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor! I will honestly miss Tuesday night lessons with you, but I’m sure we will stay in touch.” Lilli, 2013


"Hi Ingrid. I was just writing to let you know that I got a raw score of 34 in French which I am absolutely thrilled with. Thank you very much for your help and support this year, I have really appreciated your generosity and hard work in helping me with my French studies. Thanks again." SR 2013


“Dear Ingrid, thank you for your wonderful French classes that have helped me survive this year! I have loved coming to see you and I thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I feel confident that I have tried my best in French this year thanks to your guidance and encouragement.” Madi, 2013


"Upon commencing French tuition with Ingrid in year 10, I soon found both my enthusiasm and skills significantly increase. Likewise, I was very pleased with Ingrid's dedication to my studies. My score of 45.5 in French for VCE and an overall ATAR score of 98.5 would not have been achievable if it was not for the sheer dedication and unfailing assistance shown by Ingrid. " JVD, Feb 2012


"Ingrid has an obvious passion for the French language and has been an inspiration for Ben while preparing him for an Exchange program in Nice. She has always been encouraging and positive in the way she has approached teaching and he definitely has benefited from this wonderful experience. We appreciate everything you have done to improve his confidence in French conversation." Sue R, November 2009


"Ingrid was super friendly and organised, and shared with me her extensive knowledge of not only the French language, but of French history and culture too. She worked tirelessly on my pronunciation to help my French sound more natural and accurate, which in turn increased my listening comprehension skills. With Ingrid's assistance, I was able to achieve an A+ for my French oral exam and I achieved a scaled study score of 47, 50 for VCE French. -- Alana, Dux of MKSC, class of 2009.


"Sessions with Ingrid were prompt, engaging and fun as Ingrid is very passionate about the French language and culture. Mostly, classes were conducted in French and our preparation for the oral and written exam was very systematic and thorough, and Ingrid was always ready with useful insights and resources to assist me. My average grades in French improved so that I received an A plus for the end of year oral and the written exam!" RV, Feb 2011



We offer a big thank you to Ingrid for her excellent work during her time here, for her energy and for her happy disposition.