I was raised in a family that spoke French, Italian, English, Greek and Arabic. At high school I achieved A+ for HSC French and Japanese, and went on to study these subjects as well as Swedish, Russian and Linguistics at Melbourne University. In 2010 I attained a Graduate Diploma in Languages, with a French major and English minor at Monash University. Languages have always been my passion.

As a fluent, non-native speaker with a formal knowledge of the language gained over many years of University study, I understand the complexity of studying French. I have the skills and experience to pass that knowledge on in a methodical, practical and engaging way.

I've always been enthusiastic about French language and culture, and have spent considerable time in Paris over the years. I am regularly complimented by French people on the authenticity of my accent.

I teach students in alignment with the "VCE Study Design Guide", and tailor classes to fit individual requirements. I incorporate tools such as French language games, an extensive DVD and CD collection, a current magazine subscription to Phosphore (a French bimonthly current affairs magazine for 14 - 19 year olds) and a comprehensive book library to help you reach your goal.

My experience with the VCE curriculum along with my fun and effective teaching methods will ensure that you get the best results from your study.